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MyStay is packed with features that support and improve the efficiency of your staff.

Manage your new employees!
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Benefits #1 - Save your time and money

MyStay saves time of your staffs offering same services by using the smartphone apps.

Think how many services you can pass to MyStay.

Everytime your guests use our application MyStay, you definitely save money!


Benefits #2 - Create sales oportunities


MyStay actually makes you money in a smart new way.
We've created working payment channel.

  • Great sales channels directly to guests
  • Partner offers
  • Marketing support and promotion of new products and services
  • Loyalty program
  • Special offers and invitations
  • Track customers behaviours

Choose your features

Services with Orders


This module provides a variety of truly unique aspects of your hotels service offering.

It serves to highlight sport, gourmet and relaxation services delivering exceptional standards.

This, along with many other informational messages identifying opening hours, bookings and other procedures.

You can allow your guest to reserve their own wellness program or a table at one of your restaurants, squash courts etc.

Partners Services with Orders


Offer partner's services to be sure that your guests will use them agains others.

Direct Payment with Credit Cards


Let guests to pay ordered service or partners service by their credit card.

You control whole payment process.

Push Notifications


Send your messages over internet directly to display of any smartphone that has installed your application.

Functions for congress


Perfect feature for hotels with congress services.

Prepare time schedule for every meeting and bring your guests full comfort..

Book Now


If a client wants to check basic information, extend his stay or book next stay, he has an option due to this module.

Internal Reservation System


When the hotel provides a wide variety of available activities, it is invariably challenged with the need to manage reservations to these areas.

Due to our interoperability, MyStay will simply integrate with your proprietary reservation system or provide one for you if you have not yet committed to a platform. The clients will easily book their spa time or a squash court from their phone.



Some from your partners may be glad to pay you for the advertisement that you can manage from MyAdmin.

Offers of hotel's products or gifts


Sell your products or gifts with this application!

Simple products list with the prices and ordering form. It is very easy to be managed with our MyAdmin.

Ordering Formulars


Massage or meal from buffet can be directly ordered from this special made formulars.

Order & Buy


Promote and sell your services more effectively.

Let your guests directly order and pay for meal, drinks, taxi, tours.



Basic and important feature for every guests.

Enables direct communication/calling or emailing, without having access to phone numbers or email addresses.

Chat with reception


Chat with your guests.

Allows the sending of inquiries to the front desk, which can then be answered through an Internet format. The Front desk then answers various chat inquiries through the utilization of MyStays web based administrative capability / utility.

Direct Feedback with Manager


Module developed for the direct feedback.

In the situation when your guest is not satisfied with hotel services, he can directly contact the hotel manager who can solve his problem before the guest posts his displeased comment on Trip Advisor.

Quality feedback formulars


Get feedback from guests using our quality feedback formulars that we will create for you.

Guestbook / Wishlist


Almost every guest will take the time to write a recommendation of a facility if they experienced “above and beyond service” MyStay will help you get those endorsements that will be so important as the hotel continues to grow its reputation.



Address, Phone and email contact - all basic and necessary information your guest needs in various situations.

Social media - show up in which social media your guests can follow you.

News / Actualities


Provides direct, on-time information pertaining to news and cultural events - even happy hours. All can be easily managed with the strong administrative engine resident within the MyStay application - MyAdmin.

Hotel Information


The base Mystay module offers general information about regional history and local uniqueness. It also introduces the Hotel management with photos and videos.

Photogalleries of your facility


A classic overview of the hotel and its amenities divided into sections and created by your internal resources as a source of further promotional opportunities.

Should Know


Things you should know about Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland etc.

Various important geographical, political, economic and cultural information for your foreign guests are provided in an easy to follow, well organized elements that make up this module.

Basic Phrases


This module allows your guests to communicate with you and businesses in your area, in 9 different languages, while basic Czech phrases are made available and translated on-line.

The module will also allow guests to learn Czech written phrases like “Where can I buy good beer?” in 9 languages.

Actual culture events


The mystay application is connected to a national database of cultural and sport events in the nearest major centre with available navigational instructions to facilitate direct participation should the guest decide.

Smaller venues also make up a major component of the total myStay experience, as the application will guide the guests to local jazz fests, theatres and popular restaurants and clubs.

Choices can be made based on distance, venue, programs and recommendations, all delivered to the guests smart device upon request.



This module supports the selected viewing of animated / video-based informational segments that advertize the hotel and its many amenities and services.

Weather forecast


The MyStay datacenter is directly connected to a national meteorological database and receives continuous updates based on a GPS feed, which is made available to the guest’s smart devices.

Restaurant News and Menus


Sleep and food are most important needs of people. Invite your clients to your restaurant; recommend them special meal of the day!

Use a possibility to propagate Happy hour or other important gastronomic events.

Guest Account


Give a chance to your guests to check their bill any time they need.

Guest Account


Make your A - Z directory smart.

List of your Services well-arranged in your Application.

Fast Check In


Ask your guests to fill in pre-checkin formular before they arrive. Your reception will have more time for other work.

Photo frame (take a picture)


Classic photograph with prepared photo frame (logo of your hotel and a date/time are printed in the frame).

Client can share this photo on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) with few words. Whole social group of your client see a photo with hotel brand ine a few seconds.

Facebook Check In


Experienced module to be used on the social network Facebook.

It allows checking in/out on Facebook’s wall of a client and of the hotel by placing small message (“Name_of_client has been check in in the Hotel”).

Trip Advisor with safetylock


Module made for direct commentary on Trip Advisor web page.

Client has an option to contact hotel’s management if he’s unsatisfied. Management can solve the problem before negative opinion on Trip Advisor.

Activity planner


Mystay’s activity planning module allows for an excellent view into daily events and activities based on time and place.

This application is often used well before an arrival at the hotel as it allows the guests to build entire itineraries that provide space fro “checking off” those areas or events that had been completed as the stay at the hotel proceeds.

Currency convertor


This is a necessary module for any traveler and especially for those that visit other countries.

This functionality makes this process intuitive and simple. For added convenience myStay will also identify a number of local, certified /official currency exchange centers.



Everybody loves to send a postcard from their holidays.

Just download your best pictures and let your guest send beautiful electronic postcard with your logo to their friends or to share it on FB.

Hotel quiz


Make your Application even more cool and funny.

Ask your Guests Questions about Hotel, City, Country and many more.

"9/10 good answers? Come to the reception for a little present."


MyStay provides unique communication links between the hotel and its guests.

The app is fully controlled by hotel staff through the MyAdmin portal (a user friendly content management system).

MyStay is fully connectible with all these features


You administrate ...

You and your colleagues will have access to the MyAdmin portal, which will let you manage all your hotel information and graphics.

For instance, you can prepare different graphics for summer season or set new promo offer.

... we support

We provide personal and technical support for all features of the MyStay product. We will be in personal contact with you every month to ensure you are satisfied.

Your application will be constantly updated after we publish them on to App Store, Google Play or Windows Marketplace.

Read more about our support

Our team check every new version of iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Even Facebook, Tripadvisor and other third party services often make changes. We prepare necessary updates for many devices that make your hotel application compatible and brand new everytime.

The Performance improvements and security updates are made for free.

We service large systems for data analysis and statistics. Every application run gives us useful information that we use in our analysis.

MyAdmin portal is always ready to change any information or photos in the app. You just use the web browser and log into the MyAdmin system. Changes are updated immediately after you save them.

Whole system and databases run on cloud for the perfect data security.

We are here for you.

Any questions or tasks will be very soon solved thanks to our team via phone or email.

MyStay solution provides all necessary licences for running the application - iOS license, Android license, Apple maps, Google maps, audio guide, culture event and analytics.

Let`s get started

  • 1

    Make first steps

    Try Our Hotel Application - check how easily you can have a hotel app in the pocket.

    Choose features - which one you need and like?

    Contact us - to get estimated costs.

  • 2

    Personal meeting, analysis

    Let's set personal meeting (Skypecall).

    We will discuss your needs and create a time schedule of cooperation. The analysis of client needs is highly important.

    We deal with terms, structure of application and pricing.

    Video Skypecall or WebEx video meeting is also very efficient for both sides.

  • 3

    Sign order, data collecting

    The first step of cooperation, after signing the contract is data collecting. Clients fill in a form and give us a basic amount of data. We start by adding them to the MyStay application and create a first graphic of the MyStay application according to client corporate identity or needs. We format and verify the information, select important items, and create buttons and language versions.

  • 4

    App development and testing

    After the alpha version of the application we start with the beta version, which is fully available to clients for testing. The performance ability of the application depends on the MyStay module. Now the full application is ready, and the last step comes, which is testing it with the client and adjusting final requirements.

  • 5

    Publishing and marketing package

    The new MyStay application is now ready to be put on the market. We place the app in AppStore, GooglePlay, Windows Marketplace for you. A marketing package is included (information cards for reception, QR code, email banners with signature, banners for reservation emails, info poster). We provide access login to MyAdmin to let you administrate data when the app is live.

  • 6

    Client support

    Your application will stay constantly updated during live time.

    We provide personal and technical support.

    We will be in personal contact.

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