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Contactless reception at Archibald at the Charles Bridge

MyStay editorial staff 3 minute read

One of our long time clients using the MyStay web-app contactless solution decided to offer their guest a completely automated reception with the help of MyStay Self check-in Kiosk.

Since Hotel Archibald is using the RDIF cards as their key solution, the ideal solution for was to combine the Kiosk with a key-card dispenser.

So, we have rolled our sleeves up and got to work.

It honestly wasn’t that hard, because of the existing two way integration with Archibald’s property management system and an integration with their key management system. On top of that the hardware of our Light Kiosk lives up to its name. It’s small and compact enough to not disrupt the environment of the hotel lobby, suitable even for the tiniest spaces.

And the cherry on top? It’s also light on the budget. 😉

MyStay team after the successful installation of the Light Kiosk

Few moments later…

…and voila, the Kiosk was up and running.

Thanks to MyStay, this magical and unique hotel in the heart of Prague can offer a completely contactless access to its guests.

What does it mean for the guest?

Guests receive all pre-arrival information by email and a text message and then can arrange check-in from the airport, from their favorite restaurant using the web-app or directly in the hotel lobby using the Self check-in Kiosk.

After they check-in, they will use the Light Kiosk to get their key-card issues. Few easy clicks and they are on their merry way to enjoy their stay. No waiting, no hassle, just great guest experience.

What does it mean for the reception?

Less paperwork, more time for meaningful interactions. Each guest, who decides to use the self check-in method saves the reception approximately 5-10 minutes. There is a huge boost in efficiency.

Also statistically, the guests who choose the online check-in are 3-times more likely to buy additional hotel services due to the easy access to an Online Smart Catalogue which is a part of the MyStay upsell feature. So, a boost in revenue as well.

Thank you – Archibald at the Charles Bridge for choosing us! 💜

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