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The key to success for a full and smooth automation of a guest experience in hotels and travel accommodations is integration. This was one of the reasons why Freetime Hospitality and their VIPSX PMS connected to MyStay guest experience software. Hotels and their guests in “post-COVID” times are searching for comfortable and smooth front desk processes and now VIPS and MyStay with two-way integration are able to deliver that to the hospitality industry.

Automation, personalization = happy guests, happy staff

Automation and personalization are two elements that are still missing in the majority of front desks. Automated messaging based on filters, online check-in made by all guests before arrival, up-sell hotel services such as early check-in, room upgrades or spa services is the key to the heart of guests. But also the hotel administration can benefit from all this – streamlining processes in the time of staff shortage saves thousands of euros every month. Simple software setup, usage, fast integration, and reading and writing back data are crucial services of the VIPS-MyStay integration.

We have seen a big value in integrating our two products to let modern hoteliers move their hospitality to the next level by automation and personalisation” commented on the new integration Pavlína Zychová, CEO of MyStay.

What does Freetime Hospitality do?

Freetime Hospitality has been working on reservation systems for over 30 years. They want to provide modern hoteliers with the best possible service by taking over certain tasks and automating them. By making your reservation system work as optimally as possible (possibility to integrate with our partners), there is more time left to focus on your guests. A large number of hotels, bungalow parks, exhibition halls, sports centers, convention centers, event agencies and venue complexes have been using Freetime Hospitality PMS VIPSX and VIPS CloudPMS for years.

Their customers are Golden Tulip, Hotel Old Dutch, Theater Hotel Antwerpen, GrandCafe Hotel Terminus, Hotel ‘Zee en Duin’ and many more.

What was the reason Freetime Hospitality has chosen the MyStay guest experience platform?

Due to the busy times for hoteliers (staff shortage and high seasons), we noticed that there is a great demand for automating certain steps in the guest journey. MyStay fits in well with the whishes of the hotelier to automate more steps in the guest journey and also generate more turnover at the same time” summarized General Manager of Freetime Hospitality Chen Arets.

What MyStay do?

MyStay is an all-in-one guest experience system, that automates and personalizes the guest journey. It connects hotels and their guests after the reservation by using automated pre-arrival, during the stay and post-stay messages (SMS and emails), digital check-in and check-out, e-keys, digital marketing and up-sell of your hotel services, WhatsApp and FB Messenger connection, digital guest directory and digital map. All are manageable by the hotels themselves.

MyStay not only delivers needed information, streamlines front desk processes, saves time and increases customer satisfaction, but also brings additional revenue to the hotel. 

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