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Three easy ways to promote your contactless hotel

MyStay editorial staff 4 minute read

Why is it important to promote your digital guest journey?

The trend towards digital and contactless services has gained a new momentum in 2020. The online check-in brings efficiency into the hotel’s operations, it saves time, automates manual check-in tasks, reduces long check-in queues, and enhances the overall guest experience. 

Just take a look at a few statistics:


That being said, we can all agree offering contactless access into and out of your facility is one of the best ways to ensure increased guest satisfaction. Giving your guests the option to check-in and check-out in a manner they prefer currently serves an important purpose and will continue to do so even after COVID issues subside. 

It is highly convenient, reduces queues, balances your staff’s workload and may provide another source of revenue.

Offering contactless access and digitizing your hotels guest experience starting with  autommated pre-arrival communication, online check-in, digital upsell and online check-out is just the first step.

1. Research & Booking Stage

You should definitely let your guest know once they book their stay that they have the option to check-in online once they are on their way to your hotel, right? Wrong!

It is equally as important to let your guests know that you have upgraded your level of hospitality by promoting the option to check-in and check-out in the manner your guests prefer in the initial stage of the guest journey, which starts with the research and booking phase. 

Showing contactless possibilities such as self check-in/check-out Kiosk on OTAs, on your social media, or on your website should become a vital part of your marketing strategy. You can also start  promoting via your emailing campaigns and don’t forget offline marketing as well!

Based on research this can be a huge factor in decision making when booking a stay.

An amazing example of a how far is the facility willing to go, to serve its customers needs. Such an amazing and strategic move done by the newly opened Hostel Brix!

2. Pre-Arrival Stage

Pre-arrival upsell emails are great, but the booking confirmation email is an invaluable touchpoint with your guests as this is the one email we know that guests will  definitely read.

What should such email contain?

Reservation number, Room type, Date of arrival/ departure, Price, Check-in/Check-out times, Online check-in details, Contact informations

Encourage your guests to check in online via your booking confirmation email and don’t forget to include a bit more information about the process to show them how easy and fast it is.

Another great way is promoting by pre-arrival automated communication such as sending an email or a text message one day before their arrival informing and encouraging (again) to check-in online, while also including all the details and information they will need in order to get to your hotel, where to park their car or what is the current health and safety protocol at your facility. 

The ideal timing is directly after the booking and one day before their arrival.

3. In-stay Stage

It can happen that your guest doesn’t receive any of the auto-messages. Maybe because you don’t have the correct contact information or maybe they have accidentally deleted the message. 

What now? 

First of all place the QR code to the visible parts of your lobby or at the reception, either in the form of stickers or QR code stands.
The receptionist / front desk can explain to the guest during the check-in process how to scan the QR code and that they can find all your services and information on your guest web.

Make sure you put the also into elevators or any sitting areas around your hotel. Put them into the rooms for an easy promotion of yours or third party services.

Well, what about Wifi? If you do have it then don’t hesitate to set up a Wifi landing page!

Easy, right? 💜