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Why do you need to implement Automated Communication at your property?

MyStay editorial staff 4 minute read

This is the question you may ask yourself every time you come across this technology. No wonder there are doubts in your mind about its usefulness. Your hotel worked just fine  without it, right? 

Well, yes, but

The current feedback from the industry is that the expectations of travelers have increased significantly post-pandemic. The guests expect everything that was available plus an increased level of value, safety, service and experience on top of that nowadays.

Also in the mobile age, the guests expect to be able to find the information they need within seconds and would prefer your reception be accessible through their mobile device 24/7. In person is great, but from the comfort of their room it’s even better.

Lastly, looking at the future of every industry, automation can help businesses stay competitive and able to respond to the dynamic needs of these turbulent times . In this new environment, automation is no longer a nice-to-have. It is a must. 

Especially in the hospitality field, based on the current industry data we all know that hospitality’s struggles with staffing will continue for the foreseeable future. Automating basic tasks, providing contactless access to your facility and making sure everything is available online makes your staff more efficient, and enables them to focus on what they do best: serving guests.

The Key Benefits

Answer all of the questions before they’re even asked

Guests always have plenty of questions to ask,  especially before they arrive at your property.

When is the check-in? What are the parking options? Is there an airport transfer? What is the current health and safety protocol? And much, much more..

To find answers, they’ll most likely go to your website, call your front desk, or double check all email communications with your hotel to look for the info they need.

Instead, sending an automated message guiding the guests to the Guest Directory, where they can find all the answers, will impress them straight from the beginning.

Increased guest engagement

Automated communication increases the guest engagement by 35% on average (based on  MyStay data). That means you are able to reach your guests through a channel they are already familiar with (email or a text message) and start interacting with them even before they step foot into your facility. 

You can engage the guest on various occasions, notify them about contactless check-in, upgrades or any additional services you offer, or again guide them towards the Guest directory.

Improved guest experience

The ability to reach out to your guests anytime means unlimited opportunities to make their stay 100% better, wanting to come back.

One of the most important features guests have come to expect is simply a matter of proactively keeping them in the loop, updating them on changes, or introducing new options in clear, accessible ways.

For example using MyStay Automated Communication feature, allows you to not only send automated personalized emails and text messages, but also a one-time message in case something comes up last minute or you create a special event or an offer.  

The  ideal scenario would be being able to recognize your target audience and base the way you  communicate or offer additional services on that.

Automated Messaging is ideal for Upselling and Cross-selling

Not only can you increase convenience for your guests by offering  additional services before their arrival, such as hotel parking or room upgrades. When they’re all settled in, they can greatly appreciate personalized offers designed to improve their experience. In  return, positively impacting your revenue. 

This is especially useful considering the fact that your front desk rarely has the time to do proper upsell and the only moments  to do  so  are usually when the  guest arrives or  if he  randomly stops by at the reception.

We have done a whole post on the ins and outs of Up and cross-sell – you can check it out here.

With technology helping you increase the efficiency at your facility and at the same time brand loyalty and revenue it’s great to recognize the value of having more time to grow your business instead of just running  it.