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What does MyStay system consist of?

The MyStay system is a software primarily consisting of the Guest Web, MyAdmin system for administration and the travel accomodation ́s profile operation in Guest Web.


What is a WebApp?

The term web app means, that the whole system is working through a web based platform. Nor you, neither your guests need to download any app in order to use MyStay.
Web-based applications have a number of advantages over traditional desktop apps, most prominently their portability. They work on any device that can run a supported browser and has an active Internet connection. With web-based apps, users (meaning your guests) don’t have to install additional software.


What is MyAdmin?

MyAdmin system is a part of the MyStay system. It is designed primarily for the administration and management of your profile in the MyStay System.


What is Guest web?

The residential site of the hotel, where the guest finds all the information in one place, catalogue of all activities and services, and at the same time is able to do check-in/check-out online, payments etc.


How will I promote my MyStay profile to my guests?
Automatically, with the use of integrations and pre-arrival and/or in-stay messages, but also using QR codes, wifi landing page, in-room tablets and other marketing tools, with which we will be happy to help you.


What language versions are available?
MyStay runs in English by default. Other languages ​​are available, i.e. Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, Dutch, Czech and Slovak. If the available language offer is insufficient for you, you can request the creation of a new language.


How will I promote my MyStay profile to my guests?
This is done automatically, using integrations and pre-arrival or in-stay messaging, but also using QR codes, Smart catalogue, wifi landing page, in-room tablets and other marketing tools, that we will be happy to help you with. ”


Will we have access to statistics? How can we monitor usability?
MyAdmin profile includes easy to access reports and statistics for you to check any time.


Does MyStay require the installation of additional software at the reception?
No additional software installation is required.


Is real time chat available? How can we respond to chat messages?
MyStay provides integration with FB Messenger and WhatsApp. If your hotel is used to communicating with guests through these channels, you can easily enable this feature in MyAdmin. Guests will find the Messenger or WhatsApp icon directly on the Guest Web.


Who owns the data I upload to the system?
Everyone remains the content owner of their own profile.


Text messages

Can we send SMS from MyStay? How can we send SMS?

Yes you can. Just activate SMS in your MyAdmin profile. Messages can be sent before, during and after the stay. Once set up, messages are sent automatically. It is also possible to send a one-time message to individuals or a specific group. One SMS has 160 characters.


What is the cost of one SMS?

The price for one SMS depends on the country of the recipient. The current price list can be viewed in the MyAdmin profile of the accommodation facility. The price may vary depending on the prices of the SMS gateway provider. In MyAdmin you can buy credit using your payment card. This credit will be deducted for each SMS sent from the purchased amount. You will be notified by email about the low credit before your credit is depleted. If there is not enough credit, no SMS will be sent.


How many Text messages can we send each month?
You are not limited by any limits.


What is the cost of MyStay?

The price for MyStay services depends on the selected package. The price is calculated based on the size of the accommodation.


How much is the setup fee?

The price for setting up a profile depends on the selected MyStay service package. The fee is one-time.


How much is for integrations?

Fees depend on the type and type of integration. Please contact us here for more information.


How is MyStay paid for?

When signing the contract, you can choose whether you want to pay monthly, quarterly or annually. Then an invoice is sent to you and you can make the payment by bank transfer or Paypal.


Do I need any integration to use MyStay?

Integration on PMS or KMS is not absolutely necessary, but it provides complete automation of the systems and is more than recommended. If you do not want to integrate your PMS system on MyStay, it is possible to use manual data imports and exports.


What does one-way integration mean?

One-way integration means sending the necessary data from your PMS to MyStay – i.e. reservation number, arrival / departure date, reservation contact details, reservation name and surname, nationality, amount to be paid, room number and more. Two-way integration means sending data from your PMS to MyStay and sending data from MyStay to PMS – i.e. completed check-in data from forms, information about the payment made, information about ordering services, two-way integration kiosk, etc.


What integration do you provide?

Our integrations are available here. If you do not find your current or preferred system, do not hesitate to contact us. We are constantly connecting new systems.


What is the length of the contract? What are the cancellation terms?

The contract is signed for an indefinite period, but at least for a period of 6 months. This does not apply to pilot cooperation, where it is possible to pilot MyStay for a shorter test time. The conditions of cancellation depend on the type of contract. Contact us for more information.


How long does it take to create a hotel profile?

After signing the contract, your profile is created within 24 hours.


How long does integration take? When can our guests start to use MyStay? 

Integration always depends on the type of PMS or KMS you are using, it can take several days or weeks.


How do we sign contracts?

We sign contracts online, including the consent to Terms & Conditions .

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